Streaming platform Audiomack Africa has created a special cover featuring cribs international’s recent signing Boii Martha

The exciting announcement was made on Cribs International’s Facebook page, where they expressed gratitude to Audiomack Africa for the collaboration. The post read, “@audiomackafrica created a cover with our superstar, @boiimanya. Thank you, @audiomackafrica! #cribsinternational”

Audiomack Showcases Boii Martha’s Cover for ‘Salone Sound’ Category on the App”

Boii Martha, whose real name is Martha Boimanya FahnbullehKoroma, is a vibrant and promising young artist. Her rise to fame began earlier this year with the release of her hit single titled ‘Credit Alert’ under the Cribs International label. Prior to her signing with Cribs, Boii Martha debuted under KME with a collaborative track called ‘Never Enough.’ Throughout her developmental process, Boii Martha’s unwavering spirit and dedication caught the attention of Cribs International CEO, Sho Cole.

The official signing of Boii Martha to Cribs International marks an important milestone in her career. She becomes the second artist unveiled by the label this year, further solidifying Cribs’ commitment to nurturing emerging talent. Boii Martha’s unique style and undeniable talent make her a valuable addition to the label’s diverse lineup.

In addition to her music endeavors, Boii Martha is also pursuing her studies as a freshman at the prestigious Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. This demonstrates her determination to excel both academically and artistically, showcasing her commitment to personal growth and success.