Musician Boss La who is currently serving his jail term at the Male Correctional Center on Pademba Road in Freetown has embarked on an anti-kush campaign as he is about to release a civic education song about kush.

We should all come together to help save lives and save future generations. Those individuals who are bringing and distributing the drugs should stop forthwith as it is causing a lot of mayhem,” he said.

Boss La in his message to affected youths stated the rampant abuse of Kush among young people is a growing concern in Sierra Leone which is not only jeopardizing the physical and mental health of the youth but also threatens the nation’s future. He added that it is against this backdrop that he has collaborated with other inmates like Nelly P, Boss P, Ash Armani, and Ouzee Paice to record a civic education song about Kush.

He said the song outlines a comprehensive sensitization campaign aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of Kush and promoting a healthier lifestyle among young people.

He highlighted some of the harmful effects of ‘kush‘, starting with it health risk of taking the drug. He stated that the narcotic drug can have serious consequences for physical and mental health, adding that prolonged use can lead to addiction, impaired memory, concentration issues, and even long-term cognitive damage.

He also mentioned that kush can cause educational and professional setbacks as it hampers the ability to focus, learn, and perform well, jeopardizing the prospects of young people.

He further stated that the intake of kush can weaken the relationship between family members and the victim and also have a negative social impact.

Legal consequences was among the negative effect of kush Boss La mentioned. The hip-hop artist stated that kush intake can put someone on the wrong side of the law as its possession and distribution are illegal in Sierra Leone, leading to potential legal troubles and a tarnished reputation.

He called on all entertainers to join the government of Sierra Leone in the fight against Kush. He said it’s their civil responsibility as entertainers to complement the efforts of state institutions in the campaign against Kush.

In his conclusion, he expressed gratitude to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service authorities for granting him the opportunity to do the sensitization campaign song.