Atical Foyoh, President of the Eastern Artist Union (EAU) has sent an ultimatum to members holding documents belonging to the Union within a week.

He made the call to all the members during a general meeting for the revitalization of the union as well as seeking the interest all artist in that part of the city. He called on them all as the President of the union demanding their commitment to hand over documents within seven days.

His statement reads; After a successful meeting yesterday with members of E.A.U! As the president, in fact the incumbent, of the East End Artists Union, I write using the full jurisdiction of my office to make it known to members of the above union that any individual or group of individuals who are in possession of any important document or documents with regards the operations of the union, should endeavour to hand over these documents within the next seven (7) working days. Failing to comply to this would not be treated with calm as drastic measures would be effected.