The East Coast Power Bank in the Music Industry, Artical Foyoh has commended the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio and referred to her as very humble and developmentally oriented.

Foyoh maintained that it is good to listen and takes heed from a predecessor for which the first lady has done is always doing to have things in the right way and push development in the country respectively.

His statement reads; To be productive in any society one has to remain dedicated, loyal and humble to his or her predecessors. For to have ruled well is to have had enough teachings from those who lead before and that aside, the art of learning is a process that only stops when one extinct existence. Madam Fatima Madda Bio our dearest First Lady and Mother of our beloved nation is one woman who resonates with the Afro mentioned. She is almost always pleased to welcome new ideas with open arms especially from her predecessor and former First Lady Madam IJ Kabba. The nexus was amazingly successful as discussions were largely centered around national growth and development!”