Legendary Sierra Leonean Musician Jimmy Bangura, Affectionately referred to as Jimmy B, who holds the esteemed title of “The Godfather of Sierra Leone’s music industry.” has recently entered the bonds of matrimony with his lovely wife. waterfordbanquet.com

In a joyous occasion held at the Freetown registry, the Godfather sealed his commitment to his beloved bride, surrounded by their cherished family members, close friends, and well-wishers.

Heartfelt congratulations have been pouring in for the Godfather, honoring and celebrating this special day in his life.

Born in Sierra Leonean, Jimmy Bangura, is a Sierra Leonean musician, filmmaker, producer, and entertainer. He has been called the “Godfather of Sierra Leone music

Jimmy B acted in Eddie Murphy’s 1988′ romantic comedy “Coming to America” before moving to South Africa, setting up a music studio there, and achieving success as a musician. After the end of the Sierra Leone Civil War in 2002, Jimmy B facilitated the release of several hip-hop albums and compilations from Paradise Studio.

In 2014, Bangura privately funded Ebola 4 Go, a video educating people about Ebola. He has presented “The Jimmy B Show”, a radio show on Freetown’s AiRadio which specializes in Sierra Leonean music.