Happy May, Sierraloadites!

Although a new month has begun, the last 30 days of April opened the door for new sounds to enter the Sierra Leonean music scene. While some songs continue to rule the music charts, other songs have started to dominate playlists.

Together,  musicians, entertainers have produced soundtracks that will power the waves.

Based on data gathered from its website at Sierraloaded Ranked, Views, Streams, and Downloads, Sierraloaded has compiled a list of its top April 2023 published songs to serve as a timestamp and give credit to the due date.

Below are the top songs released so far in April 2023.

10. Anita SL – PeeP – (138 Downloads)

Anita SL,  one of Sierra Leone’s top female vocalists, makes her much awaited return to the music scene with her most recent song, “PeeP.”

With her most recent song, “PeeP,” Anita, an Afro-pop artist who had taken a break following the release of her last single, “Gbashimi,” has finally made a comeback.

“PeeP,” portrays a married woman who visits a burn fire party for a quick visit, which she calls “Peep” in her local Krio language. This was as a result that her visit at the burn fire was not for a relationship but rather for a quick visit.

Go streaming and downloading and enjoy cultural and traditional song by Anita SL

9. Jay2Bee – Me Lady Ft. Fantacee Wiz And Mr 1ne (173 Downloads)

The Prince of Sir Wahid’s Likeminds Records, Jay2Bee, of Jombei fame, has returned with the piercing song “me lady.”

Despite his abilities and singing style, Jay2Bee featured Mr 1ne, a reputable
rapper in Krio, and multi-award winning folk performer Fantacee Wiz in “Me Lady.”

Me Lady exemplifies modern music with a dash of Salone culture, and a touch of Mende, Krio, Koranko, Mandingo, and Fullah in the same song.

Enjoy Salone music by streaming or downloading this ear-pleasing track.

8. Xzu B – Wan Salone (192 Downloads)

Sierra Leoneans have seen Electioneering processes come and go like an Abiku child but June 2023 elections have proven to be the most tense and anticipating one.

There have been songs of endorsements and acts pledging their unwavering support for their beloved candidates. Xzu-B, Sierra Leone’s superfluous rapper has taken his skills into educating the youths and the old age ahead of the elections.

Bringing awareness to the People of Sierra Leone towards the forthcoming election June 24th, Xzu-B breaks it all down lyrically so Sierra Leoneans will make use of their rights to not only vote but vote wisely .

This masterpiece was produced by Thy Young and M&M Freddy T-Base.

Go ahead and listen to this song or download it; you’ll comprehend it, maybe learn something from it, and cast intelligent ballots.

7. Kontri Boss – Butterfly Ft. Colabo (198 Downloads)

The Afro hit banger Edward Wright, stage named Kontri Boss’ long-awaited collaborative single “Butterfly” with Colabo has finally surfaced after so much anticipation from fans and supporters. 

African Drumz’s lead vocalist has approximately 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry and won the KALBOX national singing competition in 2008. He used to be the 441 musical ensembles’ greatest vocalist.

With so much experience over the years, Kontri Boss on this song amalgamated with Prezo Colabo, as both vybe the song to their best, and this put the track to a whole other level.

Here is the jam from Kontri Boss worth adding to you playlist in collaboration with Colabo on the song title “Butterfly” Enjoy and Share…

6. Amy – Like That Ft. Terror D (200 Downloads)

Amy Kawa is Sierra Leone hottest female Artist on a music collaboration teamed up with Terror D, a Sierra Leonean act base in Australia in ear piercing song titled “Like That.”

Amy is a signed act in one of the biggest recounts label in Africa, KINGS’ EMPIRE.

‘Like That’ is an ear soothing sound that I bet your ears can’t resist to listen to over and again as both acts expressed love in the air for the other.

Check this out and enjoy another classic from Amy and the hit maker Terror D. Enjoy and share.

5. Boii – Credit Alert (412 Downloads)

The wait is over. Cribs International’s newly signed female artiste Boii‘s new single “Credit Alert” is OUT NOW on all platforms.

The young talented singer has been growing popular among Sierra Leonean audiences, since the snippet of “Credit Alert” was released on 10th March 2023.

Boii had previously debuted with KME on a collaborative single titled ‘Never Enough‘, and was also lucky to get a co-sign from Masterkraft, one of Africa’s top producers who was privileged to hear her while handling some projects for the label.

Credit Alert is an Afro-Amapiano tune that talks about Money, Attention and Happiness. Boii has put up lots of work to perfect her craft and her new single will delight your ears.

4. Speedoo Fame Ft. Shadow Boxxer (467 Downloads)

As the adage goes “when two elephants fight, the grass will definitely suffer,” so as Sierra Leone’s fast and furious living rapper Speedo’o has teamed up with legendary and superfluous rapper, Shadow Boxxer on a battle of who owns the game.

It is as clear as crystal that legendary Shadow Boxxer beyond all doubts that he has been on the high ranks of the hip hop game in the country. He has produced sounds that fans and Sierra Leoneans can’t resist. And this has earned him his place in the minds of the people.

Speedo’o, who is considered as the fastest rapper in Sierra Leone and one of the fastest and best for Africa has dared the Legendary freestyle act, Shadow Boxxer as they teamed up in this song titled “Fame.”

Put on your earpods  and go streaming and downloading. You are the rap Judge for this song. Tells us your opinions between the two.

3. Jooel – April Fool Ft. Innocent Kuti (562 Downloads)

Sierra Leonean freestyle singer, Joel Fanka Kargbo, popularly known as Jooel enlists Innocent in a melodious Afrobeat joint titled ‘April Fool’.

This song combines catch lyrics and a lovely vibe mixed with fun by the acts as they released the track on 1st April 2023 (April fools day). Seeing this online, many thought was a prank considering the time of its arrival.

Innocent Kuti is a multi-award winning Sierra Leone – United Kingdom act. He has contributed immensely in the music sector by producing conscious vibes that Sierra Leone youths can ponder to. Recently Innocent celebrated his England citizen certificate to the world after he was officially accepted by the United Kingdom (UK).

Jooel and Innocent Kuti amalgamated to produce this sweet freestyle to brighten our mood and light up fans music playlist.

Go listen and download the track as Jooel narrates his April Fool day occurrence.

2. Amb Kao Denero – 1961 – (894 Downloads)

As the race for next President of Sierra Leone keeps intensifying, the Special Envoy of Entertainment and Investment, Ambassador Kao Denero has once again showed his unwavering support for the current President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Brigadier (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio.

Kao Denero who was appointed on 12th March 2021 as Ambassador of Entertainment has been loyal to the President since then.

The June 2023 upcoming elections were opined to have tension and the incumbent, President Bio wants to finish his agenda the second term whereas, the main opposition party wants to reclaim the Well of Parliament again.

Amidst this saga and controversies, Amb Kao Denero on his recent song endorsed President Bio as the President of Sierra Leone for the 2th term. On his lyrics, he called Sierra Leoneans and supporters of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to vote in Maada Bio and prevent any other politician with the intentions of taking the country back to 20th century (1961 to be precise) to claim power.

Go streaming and downloading, and let us know your take in Kao’s endorsement of President Bio as the next President of Sierra Leone come June 2023 elections.

1. Yok 7 – Pack N Go (7,173 Downloads)

Sierra Leone legendary Hip-Hop Rapper and CEO of Noble Squad; Yusuf Osio Kamara commonly called YOK 7 Da Snipper has blasted the PAOPA government  on his  song titled “Pack N Go.”

Yok 7 believes the opposite, despite recent songs from artists supporting President Bio as the next leader of Sierra Leone. Yok 7 believes that the current government must pack up and leave because the majority of people are sick of the country’s everyday hardships.

Yok 7 expressed anger toward the New Direction administration in Pack N Go, which has a revolutionary vibe.

Yok 7 on this revolutionary track blasted the PAOPA government and their dealings over the past five years. This he drew instance to youth unemployment, languishing the country’s resources to making claims of developmental projects that were already budgeted by their predecessor.

Go check this revolutionary song and enjoy it as we await what June 2023 holds for Sierra Leoneans.