The latest reduction in the prices of fuel should not be directed by political considerations, as both government supporters and critics are trying to score political points from it.

After the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) announced on Monday evening that prices for petroleum products in the country have been reduced from Le22 to Le20, government supporters and critics were quick to use the recent development to score political points.

Government supporters immediately credited the President for authorising the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) to reduce the prices of petroleum products in the country.

However, critics said that is far from ideal. They argued that fuel prices have been steadily decreasing in the international market, and that we are still paying high prices for fuel.

It is reported that Crude oil prices plunged more than 7% last Tuesday as prices fell below US$100 a barrel in the international markets.

Once critic articulated that the various agencies, including PRA, should be allowed to implement policies in service of the people.

“Rushing to take credit for the reduction gives an impression that the reduction in fuel prices is being used for political objectives, especially now that elections are around the corner,” he averred.

In any case, the reduction is not a favour to motorists, households and industries that consume diesel, petrol and kerosene.

Sierra Leoneans have been battling with the hike of petroleum products since the start of the year.
Over a period of just three months the average price of petrol rose from Le12 to Le22 a litre, the same for diesel and kerosene.

The increase was attributed to the rise in fuel prices caused by global dynamics disrupting the supply chain and the slow economic recovery from COVID-19.

Now that fuel prices are decreasing, the government and the Petroleum Regulatory Agency should therefore make sure the prices are in line with the welfare of the ordinary citizens.