The Bo School of Midwifery in Southern Sierra Leone has graduated 90 women and 3 men in midwifery after two years of training.

The ceremony was themed “Together again: From evidence to reality” as the ceremony attracted local and foreign dignitaries including the Minister of Health, Dr. Austin Demby, and the German Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Jens Kraus-Massè.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Ambassador said the new graduates have the most important job on earth, especially in the aspect of reducing maternal mortality.

Ambassador Kraus-Massè also appreciated the Government’s effort to achieve zero cases of preventable deaths since this year.

He also wished all graduates success in their future endeavors.

Sierra Leone used to have the highest infant mortality rate in the world but a free healthcare scheme that was introduced several years ago is believed to have helped bring down the numbers.

Experts believe that the country, however, lacks adequate infrastructure and several health practitioners.