Core SLPP Supporter whom have been a member of the party for thirty years, Aider Hijazie, is seeking for financial support from the Government of Sierra Leone, SLPP party members and the general Sierra Leoneans, to treat an ailment he is suffering from.

Mr Hijazie had been diagnosed with a severe illness which had lead to paralysis as both his feet have been swollen to the point that he struggles to walk.

When interviewed on ‘Talk to the Camera’ he said that he has been suffering from this ailment for a long time even before this government took power, adding that when the Former President, Ahmad Tejan Kabba was in power, he used to assist him with financial support for his medication and that after he takes his treatment he becomes better.

He furthered that, because he could not afford treatment for the past three years, the ailment became worsen which lead to him being paralyzed.

Mr Aider Hijazie needs urgent medical attention as he has not been able to work for three years. He is therefore extending his arms to accept whatever support anyone can render. Contact this number to assist with whatever little way you can: 076 08-50-38