During the demolition process at the Mamz Beach Bar in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s Peace Ambassador Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as Boss La, narrowly escaped a potentially fatal encounter as tensions escalated during the bar’s demolition.

According to eyewitnesses and confirmed by the management of Mamz Beach Bar, Boss La intervened during the demolition process and was met with aggression from a military officer.

Boss La’s intervention occurred when he inquired about the individual overseeing the operation. However, instead of a civil exchange, a military officer allegedly threatened to shoot him if he did not vacate the area immediately. The situation quickly escalated when an excavator operator swung the heavy machinery towards Boss La, prompting him to leap out of harm’s way to avoid being struck or injured.

The incident has raised concerns about the use of excessive force and intimidation tactics during routine operations such as demolitions. Boss La, a prominent figure known for his efforts in promoting peace and community development, was shocked by the hostile response he received.

Following the incident, Boss La expressed his dismay, because he was only trying to understand the situation and ensure that the process was conducted peacefully. It is unfortunate that his inquiries were met with aggression and threats of violence.

The management of Mamz Beach Bar condemned the use of force and expressed gratitude that Boss La escaped unharmed. They called for a thorough investigation into the conduct of the military officer involved and urged authorities to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in similar situations in the future.

As tensions simmer in the aftermath of the incident, many are calling for dialogue and a peaceful resolution to prevent further escalation of conflicts between civilians and authorities. Boss La’s narrow escape serves as a reminder of the importance of diplomacy and restraint in handling sensitive situations, even amidst contentious circumstances.