Abubakarr Kanu who was allegedly stabbed by a group of Clique boys at Vaama area along council road in Koidu City, sometimes last year has finally given up the ghost at the Koidu government hospital on Wednesday 2nd February, 2022.

t could be recalled that the deceased sometime last year whilst walking along council road met some group of Clique boys that stabbed him in his stomach because he wore a red T-Shirt.

In an interview with A-Z he said he was stabbed by the said group of clique boys upon his return from his business shop in order to buy food for his newly born baby.

He said when the boys stabbed him they later ran away leaving the knife in his body noting that with the help of his close door neighbors and some passersby, the knife they used to stab him was removed and was later hospitalized at the Koidu government hospital.

According to him as the bread winner of his family he had to voluntarily discharge himself but due to the seriousness of his situation he was re-hospitalized.

Meanwhile, on his sick bed for the second time at the Koidu government hospital the deceased though very pessimistic that he was going to die he thanked partners in health for its medical support and urged other organizations to follow the good example of Partners In health in Kono District.

However, the Police is yet to arrest a suspects concerning the said matter. The mortal remains of Abubakarr Kanu were laid to rest in Koidu City on the same day he gave up the ghost.