The residents of Pujehun have expressed their frustration and discontent over the prolonged absence of a government bus service from Pujehun to the capital city of Freetown.

The discontinuation of the government bus operation for over a year has posed significant challenges for travelers in the region.

Jamenatu Massaquoi, a frequent traveler from Pujehun to Freetown, highlighted the difficulties faced by the community due to the lack of a direct bus service. She mentioned that travelers are compelled to undergo a cumbersome journey by first taking a vehicle from Pujehun to Bo and then another vehicle from Bo to Freetown. This not only increases travel costs but also consumes more time, leading to inconveniences and potential risks during the journey.

Despite numerous appeals made to the Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation, no concrete action has been taken to reinstate the government bus service, leaving residents stranded and struggling to find affordable and efficient transportation options. While some speculate that the delay may be attributed to the ongoing construction on the Bandajuma-Pujehun highway, which has caused disruptions, many question why other vehicles are still able to utilize the road while the government bus remains inactive.

The absence of a government bus service has significantly impacted the lives of the people of Pujehun, exacerbating their transportation challenges and increasing the burden of travel expenses. As the community continues to grapple with these issues, urgent intervention is needed to address the pressing need for a reliable and accessible public transportation service from Pujehun to Freetown.