Councilor Ernest Ngenda Sama, an esteemed educator from Taiama Secondary School, has been declared the winner of the prestigious Presidential Best Teacher Awards 2023 in the Secondary and Vocational level category for Moyamba District.

With immense joy and gratitude, Councilor Sama shared his thoughts on this remarkable achievement, saying, “Dreamers, learners, and seekers of wisdom, enjoy this treasure trove of education waiting just for you.”

However, he emphasized that this victory is not the end of the journey. He urged all students to take pride in their accomplishments and embrace the “proud of you” messages. For those on the brink of new beginnings, he offered words of wisdom, encouraging them to let graduation reflections illuminate their path.

Councilor Sama also had inspiring words for young visionaries preparing for their first day of school, assuring them that there is a wealth of motivation tailored just for them. In times when time is fleeting but inspiration is crucial, he encouraged everyone to dive into the essence of motivation through short inspirational messages.

Councilor Ernest Ngenda Sama’s dedication to education and his inspiring words serve as a beacon of hope and motivation for the entire Moyamba District and beyond. His recognition as the recipient of the Presidential Best Teacher Award is a testament to his commitment to nurturing young minds and empowering future generations.