The Family Support Unit (FSU) of the Pujehun Police Division is investigating a tragic incident involving the suspected poisoning of a five-month-old boy with caustic soda.

The report was filed by Adama Dolleh, the child’s mother, from Sogballeh Village in Fikil Section, Selbural Chiefdom, Bonthe District.

According to ASP Kenawa John Square, the Media Officer for the Pujehun Police Division, the report was received at approximately 10:30 AM on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Adama Dolleh reported that her son, Vandy Dolleh, appeared to have been administered a harmful substance, suspected to be caustic soda, by an unknown individual.
The child was in critical condition, suffering from severe body pain.

Upon receiving the report, the Pujehun Police Division issued a police medical request form to the child’s father for immediate examination and treatment at the Pujehun Government Hospital.
Tragically, it has been confirmed that the child has since passed away.

ASP Square explained that the family reported the incident to the Pujehun Police Division instead of the Bonthe Police Division due to the proximity of the Pujehun station. However, the case has now been transferred to the Family Support Unit of the Bonthe Police Division to ensure a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action, as the incident occurred within their jurisdiction.

ASP Square also took the opportunity to urge all parents to be vigilant and ensure the safety of their children, highlighting the increasing dangers in today’s world.

The investigation is ongoing as authorities seek to determine the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking incident and bring those responsible to justice.