Clifford Amiru Dumbuya  and Christian Gladys robert Wright on Tuesday, 31 May 2022, appeared at the High Court No.2 in Freetown on four count.

During proceedings State Prosecutor HJM. Bockarie made an applications before the court for the accused to be tried by judge alone instead of judge and jury,
which was granted by the judge.

First prosecution witness Roland Lansana Roberts, a businessman recognised the accused Christiana as his legally wedded wife, adding that they live at New Lane Pendemba Majay Town, Goderich in Freetown

Roberts recalled that 31st December 2021, adding that at 9am that day he got a call about his mother in the province and he decided to pay her a visit.

He furthered revealed that on the same day, at around 5 pm he left for the provinces when he had a vehicle breakdown for which he had to find a mechanic. The mechanic told him that it was already late that day and he would fix the vehicle the next day.

He continued his testimony that he called the second accused to ask her which church she and the children would be attending that night, but according to the witness the second accused’s phone was switched off. He said he then called his eldest daughter, Deborah, aged 20, to ask her the same question regarding the end of year service, but that Deborah told him that the second accused said they were not going for church service.

Inquiring further for her reason not to attend church that night, Deborah replied that she was unaware of her mother’s reason. He went on that he was onboard a motorbike heading back to his house when he saw the second accused with his house help, Kapri, walking towards the junction in jeans shorts and a Polo shirt, adding that he saw her boarding a motorbike.

He said he asked Kapri about where the second accused was heading, to which he said he had no idea. The witness said he decided to follow the second accused, who he had long suspected of cheating, on another bike.

Mr Roberts went on that upon approaching the Goddies Supermarket at Juba he saw the second accused heading towards the beach after which he called his driver to meet him at the beach.

He said he saw the second accused taking to be the first accused stopping at Gigibonta at the beach talking to the first accused standing close to a RAV4 Vehicle parked at the Gigibonta side parking area.

He said they were standing across the street, 20 feet from him at around nine in the evening that he saw the first accused taking out an envelope from the car, which he gave to his wife. Mr Roberts said his wife then headed towards Hill Station and entered a church, adding that on around midnight
he saw his wife coming out of the church communicating with someone over the phone.

He said he saw his wife go back into the church, grabbed her handbag and left the church while preaching was still going on, adding that his wife then entered a white car headed towards the beach, where he alighted upon arrival. The witness furthered that he then saw the first accused again, this time opening the vehicle’s door for the second accused to get in and driving off towards Aberdeen.

He said they ended up at Charm Guesthouse in in Aberdeen, where a gentleman informed them that there were no available rooms.

He continued that the first accused drove towards the Aberdeen Police station and headed to the road leading to Bintumani Hotel, from where they took the right hand path leading to the Golden Tulip. At the building the witness said they were again informed that there were no available spaces for guests.

He concluded his testimony that the first accused then parked his car at the corner where his wife sat, and asked his wife what she was doing there at that time of the night being that she is a married woman.

He said his wife was surprised to see him and shouted his name. He said he tried pulling his wife out of the vehicle, but her left hand was holding on to the driving off steering wheel.

Mr Roberts said he entered the vehicle and switched on the light to see where the first was at that moment, but the first accused appeared out of the blue and hit him twice on the head with a metal saying “Ar go Kill you”

He said the first accused approached him again and hit him on the head with the said metal.

The witness said his wife also hit him with a stone close to his mouth from which he was bleeding profusely causing him to fall to the ground. It was then he said that his bike rider rushed to the scene, adding that he was rushed to the Emergency Hospital, where he became conscious the following day, and later made a report at the Lumley Police Station.

Clifford Amiru Dumbuya and Christina Gladys Roberts were charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, contrary to section 18 of the Offences against the Person’s Act 1861. The particulars of offence states that the accused person Clifford Amiru Dumbuya on 1 January 2022, in Freetown, caused grievous bodily harm to Roland Lansana Roberts with intent to disable him. Count two is for wounding with intent contrary to section 18 of the same Act.

Defence counsel Elvis Kargbo applied for bail for both accused but State Counsel H.J.M. Bockarie vehemently opposed to the bail. They were refused bail by Justice Emmy Wright and the matter was adjourned further hearing.