Sierra Leone’s social media space has recently been awashed with images of individuals with knives held close to their faces as part of an ongoing knife challenge.

The challenge started after images of popular footballer, Musa Noah Kamara aka โ€˜Musa Tombo’ and his wife, Hawa Tombo holding knives close to their faces surfaced online.

Just a week, after joining Libyan Premier League club Al Ittihad, the Leone Stars forward said he wants to quit the club, fearing for his life.

In a video that went viral on social media, the player was seen with a knife held close to his face, saying if he was not allowed to leave he would kill himself.

Last week, the player went on to stab himself in an attempted suicide, following issues he was having with his wife. He was later seen running around half naked, he was then chased down and forcefully restrained by friends and family members.

Following incidents with the troubled 22 years old striker, an image of his wife, Hawa Tombo, holding a knife close to her face surfaced online. It was however later reported that the image was taken over a month ago, a move intended to threaten Musa to stay in Libya.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leone’s social media space has been filled with images of celebrities and citizens holding knives close to their faces, in ‘solidarity’ with the Tombos, leading to the ongoing #KniveChallenge. Prominent among them are; popular female rapper, Star Zee; actress, Thelma Precious Barnett; TikToker, Peter Komba; and Comedian, Dominic George.

Check out some of the photos below: