Unlike on Monday ,14th July, 2022 sit- down protest by Citizens over the scarcity of fuel prosuct, it increases in price as well as other commodities routin Buisness in the Northern Eastern city of Makeniand its environs were on Rules,5th July back to normalcy .

The strike action saw the shop owners refusing to open their shops on Monday for fear of being attacked by unknown group of protesters , commercial motor drivers and bike riders suspending their routine public transportation services to the public ; main markets and streets being empty with only pedestrian s including school going pupils , University Students, public servants and other essential workers were seen walking from their homes to their schools , colleges and places of work due to the non-availabilty of public means of transportations.
Some private owners of motorbikes and cars who were fortunate to have secured fuel for their engines were among the set of people who arrived early in their workplaces whi many others who had banked on routine transportation services to go to school did arrive some minutes or at least an hour late.

Since Tuesday , July 5th ,2022 shops and other buisne centres in Makeni had opened again like the Banks in Make City which were all operational even when shop Owner, market women , commercial motor drivers, and bike rider among others went on a sit at home strike , except For the Koinadugu District ‘s headquarbtown of Kabala where routine activities have be unhindered by any strike action