Mamawa Kaikai Crowned as Pujehun Mammy Queen

Over One thousand Women from Pujehun District were in a jubilant Mood to Witness the Official Inauguration Ceremony of Madam Mamawa Kaikai District Mammy Queen as she was crowned and presented to the people of Pujehun District on Sunday 20th November 2022.

In her address, the Deputy Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority Jeneba Kpakanya Bangura, described the day as another milestone in the history of Pujehun District as they observed the crowing of the mammy queen. She described it as a blessing in disguise.

Madam Bangura further added by calling on all women to strongly come on board in promoting womenโ€™s development in their respective communities and urged all to avoid all forms of hatred, backbiting, jealousy, and malice to embrace one another.

District Coordinator of the 50/50 group Catherine K Bureh, registered her support and called on all to embrace all through oneness and love among all and sundry.

Madama Bureh noted that as a women’s organization that caters to all women in all fanciest of life they are ready to support women in the upcoming multi elections come June 2023 as they are agitating for more women to hold enviable positions of trust.

Madam Hawa Bah Turay indigenes of wanjama discouraged the issue of hatred among women in the area of awarding developments. She, therefore, thanked President Bio and Members of parliament for their kind consideration in passing into law the Gender Bill which has empowered more women to better stand in fighting for their rights.

In her maiden speech, the District Mammy Queen Madam Mamawa Kaikai thanked the people of Wanjama for their influencing support given her to receive such a position. She assured the gathering that she will represent them well for the betterment of all and called on them to see themselves as brothers and sister and work for the benefit of all.

Madama Kaikai added that she will not encourage gossipers, backbiters, and people who want to create mayhem in her administration and that such people will never be encouraged but people who want her to achieve in her position.

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Meanwhile, many speakers made meaningful statements whiles the paramount Chief of kpanga Krim chiefdom PC Samuel Ansumana Saffa Gbonda chairman council of paramount Pujehun district pour the libation whiles cultural dance climaxed the occasion.

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