Report reaching The Spectator newspaper revealed that a forty-year-old man, Sahr Murray Turay has raped and deflower eleven-year-old school girl at his residence at Manifeh Drive, Jui. According to report, the victim is at present undergoing serious medical examination due to her deteriorating condition.

The victim’s aunt, who stays with the victim at the same address at Manifeh Drive, said when she suspected her niece’s abnormality, she engaged her to know what has gone wrong.The aunt said after inspecting the victim, she discovered that her private part was swollen with an offensive odor, adding that she immediately took her to her biological mother for further interrogation.

The aunt said when the victim’s mother asked who deflowered her, the victim replied that it was one Sahr Murray Turay.The victim was immediately taken to the Hastings Police Station Family Support Unit (FSU) where the police obtained statement from the victim and her biological mother.


A warrant of arrest was prepared for the alleged suspect and the police went to his resident at Manifeh Drive where he was arrested and brought to the police station. The police interrogated him and proved that he deflowered the victim.The mother of the victim alleged after the perpetrator was arrested, he rained invectives at her and her entire family, adding that after the suspect was detained, the police gave her a document to take her daughter to Rainbo Centre for medical examination on her health condition.

She furthered that after two week, she went to the Rainbo Centre together with the victim and the mother was told to call the investigating officer in charge of the matter. The mother said the investigating officer went there immediately and collected the report. She however said a few days after the investigating officer had collected the report from Rainbo Centre she had the greatest shock of her life when she discovered that the suspect had been released on bail.

The mother added after the release of the suspect from detention, they went immediately to the Hastings Police Station to enquire about why the suspect was released. She continued that when they engaged the head of FSU, the officer replied that the suspect was entitled to bail and she was left dumbfounded. A few days later, the mother said she went to the police station to enquire about the matter and the investigating officer told her that the case file was with the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice, whilst the suspect was roaming about freely.The mother lamented that her daughter is being stigmatized by her peer group and residents of the community they live because she has been raped and deflowered by a heartless man.

When this press conducted investigations into the matter, it discovered that the Hastings Police Station Family Support Unit (FSU) has been playing pranks with the rape case whilst the innocent victim continues to suffer stigmatization and pain at such tender age. This press is therefore calling the attention of the Office of the First Lady’s ‘Hands Off Our Girls’ campaign to intervene in the matter and ensure that the suspect is brought to book for destroying the future of that young girl.The Office of the First Lady should pressure the Hastings Police Station to ensure the matter is charged to court, especially when the victim is a class four pupil.