A gruesome altercation unfolded in Vaama Village, Pujehin District on Thursday, September 14th, 2023, leaving the community in shock.

Edward Mahmoud Kallon’s alleged dissatisfaction with the quality of palm kernel cutting work performed by Ibrahim Koroma resulted in a heinous act that left Ibrahim Koroma severely injured.

Initial reports indicate that Edward Mahmoud Kallon had hired Ibrahim Koroma for a palm kernel cutting task, providing him with a cutlass and a sum of 20 Leones while imposing a strict four-day deadline for its completion.

However, as tensions escalated due to dissatisfaction with the work carried out, Edward Mahmoud Kallon confronted Ibrahim Koroma at his residence, seeking answers about the progress of the job.

Eyewitnesses claim that Edward Mahmoud Kallon, driven by rage, forcibly wrestled the cutlass from Ibrahim Koroma’s grip. This violent act led to the traumatic amputation of several fingers from Ibrahim Koroma’s hands.

Local authorities have launched an immediate investigation into this incident, and medical attention is being provided to Ibrahim Koroma to address his severe injuries.

The incident has sparked discussions about the imperative need to address conflicts through peaceful means and advocating for the safety and rights of workers.

As this community grapples with the aftermath of this harrowing incident, stay tuned for further updates on this distressing development as authorities work diligently to uncover more details surrounding this tragic event.