After last Friday’s Jumah Prayer Muslim worshippers of Masjid Sobereen on OIC Road in Makeni welcomed a new convert from Christianity to Islam.

While Introducing the new convert to the Jamaat(worshippers) Sheik Gibril Conteh, the Chief Imam of Masjid Sobereen narrates that the new convert is legally weeded to a Christian man who has backed her wife’s decision to join Islam after she briefed him about how she has been repeatedly directed in dreams to switch religion.

As our Masjid’s name implies “Mosque of Patience” we are happy today to welcome Mrs. Mariama Koroma to the religion of peace as demanded for in the Holy Quraan we are now duty bound to happily recite Quranic songs by way of welcoming her to the religion.

Adds that, the Holy book further directs “for Muslims to donate to the new convert as she recites the Khalimatu Shaada to complete her official switch from Christianity to Islam.”

After receiving a warm welcome, Mrs. Koroma recited the Khalimatu Shaadda to complete her religion switch on the faithful Friday afternoon.

She explained that she was born to Muslim parents but “has since been a fervent Christian worshipper together with her husband but for over ten years now she has been dreaming a white-man repeatedly telling her to join Islam.

“Some five years ago, I travelled to Kuwait and I was still dreaming the same white-man telling me the same thing but I ignored and continued my business while in Kuwait except for a small size Quraan which I purchased and kept closer to me, she disclosed.

“When I finally returned home from Kuwait I also had the same dream, I explained it to my husband again and he granted me permission to join Islam. Considering the proximity of this Mosque, I approached the Mosque Imam, Chairdlady and other worshippers, they encouraged me to join them, which is why I’m here this Friday to follow the direction of God,” she added.

She was further greeted, gifted with monies and special prayers were offered for her and her family as she officially converted from being a Christian to a Muslim.