Ibrahim Conteh, the son of the late Matron Mahawa Dumbuya, who tragically lost her life during the recent unrest at the All People’s Congress (APC) office, has shared his mother’s aspirations to establish an orphanage.

In an interview with Awoko Newspaper, Conteh expressed his disbelief and sorrow at the sudden absence of his beloved mother, who had dreams of opening a drugstore and providing a safe haven for orphaned children.

Recalling the unfortunate events that unfolded on the day of the incident, Conteh revealed that he was away from home when a riot erupted at the APC party office located on Old Railway Line in Freetown. Upon his return, he learned about the chaos through social media and was informed by his father, who was also at home, that his mother had been providing medical aid to injured party supporters. Shocked and infuriated, Conteh was devastated to discover that his mother had allegedly been shot dead during the turmoil.

In his desperate search for his mother, Conteh received a distressing call from his cousin, who tearfully confirmed the tragic news of her shooting at the APC office. According to Conteh, his mother, a retired Matron, had devoted her time to offering medical care to supporters of her party at the APC office. Although he couldn’t specify the exact number of years she had spent in the medical field, Conteh emphasized her esteemed career progression, having served as a matron at the Kingharman Road Hospital and the Makeni Regional Hospital before retirement.

Recalling his mother’s post-retirement aspirations, Conteh shared her heartfelt desire to aid vulnerable children and provide them with medical services, drawing upon her wealth of experience. To realize this dream, she had even secured a shop where she planned to establish a pharmacy. However, her brutal murder prevented her from fulfilling these compassionate endeavors, leaving her grieving family in anguish.

Conteh expressed his deep sense of injustice, labeling his mother’s alleged murder as an affront to the values of unity and harmony that she consistently preached.

My mom had always emphasized the importance of viewing one another as a unified people, regardless of political affiliation,” he stated.

Sharing the findings of the pathologist’s report, Conteh revealed that his mother had been shot at close range, indicating a point-blank attack. He strongly believed that the perpetrator deliberately targeted his mother, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation to bring the culprits to justice.

Regrettably, the ongoing police investigation has yet to yield any substantial results, leaving Conteh in a state of deep despair. Reflecting on the profound impact of this tragedy, he expressed his hope and prayer that those responsible for his mother’s untimely death would be held accountable for their actions.