The prime suspect in the brutal murder of correctional officer Isha Saidu Hughes has given his first statement to the police while still receiving medical care.

As the family prepares for an emotional farewell for the deceased, an autopsy report reveals horrifying details of her death.

According to the Kissy Division police, the suspect has made a statement but remains under medical treatment. The autopsy conducted on the 45-year-old victim, who passed away on July 24, 2023, highlights the direct cause of her death, indicating “Acute hemorrhagic shock, homicidal stab wounds (7 on the chest and abdomen), depressed comminuted skull fractures and defense wounds on both palms.”

The family has confirmed that the funeral will take place on August 4th, 2023, during the afternoon hours. The interment services vill be held at the Kissy Mess- Mess cemetery, East of Freetown, with attendance expected from the Sierra Leone Correctional Center and family members.

Police at the Kissy Division have been closely monitoring the suspect, Sulaiman Conteh, who is currently admitted at Kingtom Hospital.

The report has stated that he will be charged in court soon. After the incident, the suspect was initially taken to Connaught Hospital but was rejected. He was then rushed to the Goderich Emergency Hospital before finally being admitted to Kingtom Hospital in Freetown.

Family members believe that jealousy and a thirst for the father’s property were the key motives behind the tragic death of their daughter.