Orange Sierra Leone does not only provide telecoms services but also invest in energy for the comfort of Sierra Leoneans.

The country’s leading telecoms service provider installs solar panels in customers’ houses to provide reliable energy supply. To ensure customer loyalty, the company has assured customers of the great benefits they will enjoy with the installation of solar panels in their homes and offices. “You will access all local TV stations in your region if you connect your DVD or DSTV. You can also connect your USB stick and watch movies, play music,” an Orange SL official assures customers. With the solar energy, the customer can use the TV to connect to laptops and do presentations as well as office work.

A customer can call on 420 should they encounter problem. The line is active on a 24-hour basis, and customers could use it to communicate with company officials.

The installation fee can be paid through Orange Money to the partner shop owners or by physical cash. #144# can be dialed to make payment via Orange Money and reply with option 3 to receive drop down menu of which the customer can also reply with the same option again (Orange services). They can also choose option 1 for Orange energy. The service is also accessed by dialing #144*3*3*1# and follow instructions.

Once the upfront payment is made, the items will be delivered by Orange agents, and help in the installation free of cost. Under this business scheme, the customer could be alerted by SMS a day before the subscription ends, and that counting starts immediately as the customer pays and ends exact on the expiration date given after activation. Only premium pack can be paid in full, and it is cash and carry. Customers are also assured that they could use the device immediately when it is up and running Payments for the energy service is however not refundable in a situation where a customer is tired of using the pack prior to the full payment.

The company has a stand-by and dedicated team to do repairs or change faulty devices. The solar panels are made of highly excitable, conductive materials when the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, and the reaction creates direct current electricity. Two different packages exist: basic and premium which are affordable to the customers