Tensions ran high in Port Loko last Saturday afternoon after the fatal shooting of Alusine Kamara, an okada (motorbike taxi) rider, by an Operational Support Division (OSD) police officer, Abubakrr Kamara, also known as Ferguson.

However, due to the professionalism displayed by the Port Loko division police, under the command of Superintendent Ishmael Koroma, a potentially volatile situation was defused.

Sources in Port Loko revealed that the incident, if not for the effective intervention by the local police, could have escalated into widespread violence, leading to significant loss of lives and property. Resident Minister North West, Ambassador Umaru Bonn Wurie, commended the police for their swift action in preventing further chaos.

The incident began on Friday when Abubakrr Kamara, reportedly a friend of the deceased, allegedly stabbed and shot Alusine Kamara at his residence on Kambia Road. The altercation was reportedly over a financial dispute regarding the use of Kamara’s commercial bike by the OSD officer. Neighbors who responded to the commotion found Alusine Kamara lying in a pool of blood in the officer’s room.

In the aftermath, anger surged through the city as young residents took to the streets, threatening to burn down the police station and the residence of the Local Unit Commander. The situation was critical, with the potential for significant violence.

DSP Gibrilla Bangura, head of the OSD in Port Loko, played a key role in managing the crisis. Under the direction of Superintendent Koroma, Bangura deployed additional manpower to disperse the angry crowd of okada riders. Meanwhile, key stakeholders, including Police Commissioner Manfred Williams, engaged in dialogue with the leadership of the okada riders, seeking a peaceful resolution.

The deceased, Alusine Kamara, was laid to rest on Thursday, May 16, in Port Loko. Abubakrr Kamara has been detained and is currently under investigation at the Criminal Investigation Department in Freetown.

The swift and professional response by the Port Loko police is being lauded for averting what could have been a tragic escalation, highlighting the importance of effective law enforcement and community engagement in maintaining peace.