Lover boy husband, Osman Bundu-Sesay is currently helping the police with investigation after filming a young man naked and posted videos on social media.

Mr. Sesay according to information is the one taking care of the lady and became suspicious of the lady that she was dating another man to his discomfort.

Instead of confronting the lady Mr. Sesay wasted no time but cunningly lured the young man to his residence using his lady’s phone while she was drugged to stupor. He pretended to be the lady, sending romantic messages and finally lured the poor guy to his home. He put the young man under gun point after severely and mercilessly torturing him. Mr Sesay asked the young man to strip himself stark naked and threaten to shot him if he does not admit to the alleged love affairs between him and the lady in question.(Sesay’s side chick).

Under gun point Sesay questioned the poor guy putting answers into his mouth. This act of cruelty has now landed Mr. Sesay into trouble leaving the police with no choice but to arrest and detain him.

The video posted on social media contains obscene languages and this was posted with pictures of the young man standing naked and answering to questions. This latest situation has left citizens wondering as to what is happening with people in society.

โ€œLover boy Osman Bundu Sesay is a married man with kids who had no respect for his wife and family'” said a family member.โ€ He also posted nude photos of the side chick. This is a demoralization of humanity to the lowest ebb for both the side chick and the alleged lover.

Lover boy Osman Bundu Sesay is now locked up at the criminal investigation department helping the police with investigation.