Some passengers commuting from Waterloo and Bombay Street have complained drivers of dropping them half-way than they supposed to carry them.

The passengers reported that although they are paying their complete fees, drivers coming from Waterloo have the habit of deliberately dropping them half way forcing them to trek the remaining distance.

Ibrahim Sorie, a Waterloo resident told AYV that he has been a victim of ‘half way’ several times recounting two occasions when he was forced to drop at Up Gun on one occasion and at Cline Town on another occasion.

“This is a very unfortunate act and must be stopped.

“I am appealing to the authorities to intervene, especially the Sierra Leone Police,” Sorie said.

Some Waterloo drivers have denied the allegation with one Ibrahim Gbla claiming that it is the passengers who willingly disembark the vehicles due to vehicular traffic especially on rush hours.

The driver, meanwhile, admonished his colleagues to avoid “half-way” if they are practicing it.

Commuting from Freetown and Waterloo is very difficult especially on weekdays. At times, drivers au fait with traffic place extra charges on passengers. Most residents, especially those at the ebb of society, in the rural district find it difficult to make to the capital city.