The Regional Police Commander South, Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Brima Kanneh, played host to a delegation from the Drug Abuse and Prevention Organization Sierra Leone on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023, at the Bo Police Headquarters South.

The meeting served as an opportunity for the organization to introduce themselves and discuss its mission and objectives.

The primary focus of the familiarization visit was to establish a collaborative partnership between the Drug Abuse and Prevention Organization Sierra Leone and the Regional Police Commander. Together, they aim to combat the prevalence of illegal drugs in the Southern Region and promote community safety.

AIG Brima Kanneh warmly welcomed the delegation and expressed his deep appreciation for the organization’s efforts to support law enforcement in the region. He emphasized his commitment to reducing the illicit drug trade and consumption of substances like Kush, Tramadol, cocaine, and Cannabis-Sativa within Bo City and the entire Southern Region.

In alignment with their commitment to eradicating drugs from society, the police have already conducted several successful raids resulting in the arrest, investigation, and charging of up to forty individuals for unlawful possession of illicit drugs by the Sierra Leonean law.

AIG Kanneh reassured the delegation of his full support, saying, “Be rest assured of my blessing, and my leadership is always ready to work with you; always access my office for whatever assistance you may need from the Police.”

CEO Sylvester Forni, in a phone conversation, provided an overview of the Drug Abuse and Prevention Organization Sierra Leone. Established on September 12th, 2021, the organization became active in 2023 due to the alarming rates of drug-related issues, including health problems and the impact on the younger generation. Forni appealed to humanitarian organizations and individuals in positions of influence to join hands in motivating the organization’s staff and supporting its vital cause.

The visit was coordinated by Pat Kawa, the Southern Region Delegates Director, who also serves as a Journalist for the Drug Abuse and Prevention Organization Sierra Leone. Kawa praised AIG Kanneh’s leadership and the insightful discussions during the meeting. He assured the Regional Commander that the organization is ready for collaboration and willing to provide essential information to help dismantle illicit drug networks in the community.

The meeting concluded with group photos and interactive discussions, highlighting the commitment of both parties to work together in the fight against drug abuse and its associated problems in the Southern Region of Sierra Leone.