A 20-year-old boy, identified as Abdul Gbondo was apprehended by mechanics at a garage in New Londo, Bo in the early hours of 5:00 am on 17th October 2023.

According to the report, Abdul Gbondo was found inside a garage store filled with valuable vehicle parts. It was also revealed that Abdul Gbondo is the son of a police officer, whose identity is being withheld, attached to the Regional Division of the Criminal Investigations Department in Bo.

The report also disclosed that Abdul Gbondo confessed to stealing an engine block and several vehicle parts a few days ago, along with another boy who was also apprehended for theft in the city recently. The stolen items were subsequently sold to a local businessman in Shellmingo, Bo.

This incident comes on the heels of another troubling development. It was revealed that the businessman who allegedly bought the stolen engine block compensated the original owners with the money he paid to procure the stolen items.

This raises questions about the extent of involvement and complicity in these illegal activities.

Abdul’s father, while speaking about his son’s criminal activities, disclosed that Abdul Gbondo had been recently released from Bo Prison. In a series of unfortunate events, he had stolen valuable properties belonging to his mother and had been on the run until being discovered on 17th October 2023. Bo City is grappling with a surge in burglary and housebreaking incidents, and the police’s efforts to combat this menace appear to be ineffective.

This case, involving a police officer’s son, underscores the urgency of addressing this growing problem before it further tarnishes the city’s security and reputation. Authorities and citizens alike are left wondering what measures will be taken to curb this escalating wave of criminal activity within the city’s borders.