In a move to facilitate regular farming activities, a youth group comprising of 21 people has embarked on creating water way on a swamp that span from Kambia highway to Alama bridge. This stride according to them is to mitigate the water flow on the land to make it cultivation friendly.

Responding to an interview from this medium on the 28th January 2024, Alie Kumara shared that, “for over fifteen years water logging have been disturbing their crops due to lack of drainage circle”. Kumara noted that they are trying to control the water as they see it the best way to prevent their crops.  In highlighting the significance of the area he pointed that many vagitables including cassava and potato leaves are grown in the dry season whiles rice is cultivated in the raining season. He went on to state that the use of crude tools and physical labour are some among the many challenges they encounter and call on assistance to expedite their work and help achieve their goal.

Kadiatu Conteh a gardener who has been farming on the land for over twenty years, also expressed that the water has been disturbing their job immensely, adding that they can grow crops two times in a year if not for the over flow of water on the land. She called for support stating: ” we need help because this is where we make our living together with our children.” In her message to colleague farmers, she said, though they are interested in support from government, they as farmers are responsible to unite for this work.

Kadiatu Kanu a mother of three children, and an active participant of the work also shared a similar view on the work at hand and emphasized that it is from that job they provide support to their children and themselves.