A bike rider named Momoh Swaray in Kenema City has been found guilty of violating traffic rules by Resident Magistrate Garson Macarthy of Court No.2 in Kenema.

As a result, he has been given two options: either serve a three-month prison sentence or pay a fine of three hundred New Leones (NLe 300.00).

On Friday, April 28, 2023, the Traffic Unit of the Sierra Leone Police arrested and charged Swaray for violating traffic rules and regulations in the country.

He faced five counts, which included riding an unregistered, unlicensed, and uninsured motorcycle, as well as riding without a driving license and third-party insurance coverage.

Swaray pleaded guilty to the charges and asked for leniency. He was sentenced to three months in prison or a fine of three hundred New Leones (NLe 300.00) for the first three counts, while he was cautioned and discharged on counts four and five.

The prosecution of the case was led by Police Constable 13536 Moseray, who is attached to the Legal and Justice Support Department of the Kenema Police Division.