The Tzu Chi Foundation, together with esteemed partners – the Healey International Relief Foundation, Lanyi Foundation, and Caritas Freetown – united to present a life-altering gift to the Polio Challenge Association and the wider Grafton community.

On Friday, August 25th, 2023, they inaugurated an innovative solar-powered water well, marking a momentous step towards positive change.

This groundbreaking achievement signifies the second water well within the community, showcasing an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of both the physically challenged and the entirety of Grafton. The journey leading to this milestone was driven by genuine concern for the struggles faced by individuals with physical disabilities when accessing water in the area.

Joshua H. Vandy, Programs Manager of Lanyi Foundation, shed light on the project’s genesis, highlighting the arduous journey community members undertook to fetch water. He explained the decision of the partnering to serve humanity project team to address this issue. Despite the challenges posed by the previous well’s deterioration, their compassionate hearts led them to construct a new well, harnessing the power of solar energy. Vandy emphasized the crucial role of well maintenance for its sustainability across generations.

Idriss Gibson Mansaray, Project Manager of Caritas Freetown, reaffirmed Caritas’s core principles, underscoring their role in creating a better society for vulnerable communities. He highlighted the profound social, psychological, and economic impact the well would bring to the community, recognizing the hardships endured prior to its construction. Mansaray reiterated Caritas Freetown’s mission to serve the vulnerable individuals within society.

Margaret Bassie, representative of Tzu Chi Foundation, encouraged the community to adopt a collective responsibility approach in overseeing and maintaining the well. She stressed that the partnering to serve humanity Project Team aligns with the government’s pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goal to ensure access to clean water and sanitation.

Isaac Kamara, Chairman of the Polio Challenge Association, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the partnering to serve humanity Project Team for their invaluable gift. Kamara provided poignant insights into the challenges faced by physically challenged individuals in the community and assured the project team of their commitment to diligently monitor the well’s performance. He also extended his appreciation for the ongoing humanitarian support provided.