29 year old Mamie Sonia of Bendu Town in Malegohun chiefdom, Kenama was rescued by the authorities from Menie river, after her husband throws her over the bridge with the support of his friend.

Narrating her ordeal, she was at her home when a boy sent by her ex-husband, Momoh Saffa told her he wanted to see her. She met with Momoh Saffa and his friend Vajay at the bridge, where Vajay had allegedly held her hands behind her back while Saffa allegedly spray the content of a plastic container on her face. She was then tossed over the bridge into the river.

According to Mamie, the incident started when her ex-husband who had divorced on the account of not being able to conceive 5 years ago, came back to beg her. Momoh’s father, had invited her to his house, where she met with Momoh Saffa and Vajay. Momoh Saffa had asked for her forgiveness and told her he was having issues with one of his eyes. Mamie said “I called for water and prayed on it, and sent it on his eyes. “They went away, and after a month they returned to me with such evil plan to kill me.”

A motorist on bike had heard her call for help and called on the authorities who came to save her from the river after she held on to a rope to save her life. She narrated her ordeal to the authorities and went in search for the perpetrators.

While she receives treatment at the government hospital in Kenama, her ex-husband was appended at the border to Liberia as he was trying to cross the border. The police are still investigating the case