In addressing the Members of Parliament, the Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Abass Bundu warns the All People’s Congress (APC) Parliamentarian-elect against the legal provisions that will implicate them if they fail to obtain their seat at the well of Parliament.

He said that Members should recall on July 25th, 2023, he addressed a special appeal to the members-elect of the APC Party to come and take their seat in Parliament to which they were duly elected. He said there is no evidence of compulsion on anyone to stand for election and on the contrary they went for support with promises to their supporters thus demonstrating their willingness and determination to represent their people.

He said “On the bases of those promises the people voted for them as their representatives to Parliament. By failing thus far to come and take their seat, they must know they are in breach of their contract with the people who voted them to Parliament and they must also know that there is a consequence for such a breach.”

He continued by encouraging the APC to pursue their case in a court of Law. “Whichever part of the arguments you are spouse, remember that apart from the Court of Justice there is no better platform in our system for an elected member to vent their grievances and concerns and interests than within the walls of the chamber.”

Moving on he called on young voted APC representatives to take their seat. “In this regard my sympathy is unlimited, especially for the young MPs who have been waiting for years for this opportunity, sacrificing labor and sweat and spending their last cent just to become Honorable Members of this house. I say to them please come and exercise your right to representation and you will receive full protection.”

He said two of their APC colleagues are with them and he used the opportunity to thank them both for being with them at the well.

He said he also wants to thank the others within the APC Party out there who are helping him in persuading the others to take their seat.

He said that they are just too many to recount their names at the well but he assured them that they should honor the citizens of the country for their good deeds. He sends compliments to the Honorable Paramount Chiefs for their support in resolving the matter. He said they consented to him and he’s offered blessing to them to proceed with the assignment that they have willingly undertaken to convey the strong voices of the assorted nationwide who are anxious to see their elected MPs take their seat in this 6th Parliament.

He advised the APC to use common sense in the situation and seek the Law for advice on the issue. “For those elected members of parliament in the APC who are yet to come, and to the reasonable and respected of that party, I want to say to them not to relent but to continue to persevere until common sense is allowed to prevail and the rule of law is allowed to reign supreme.”  He said “a Nation that has become mightier has not reached that peak not by succumbing to the Law of the jungle or the Law of the deepest pocket but rather by yielding to the rule of Law. The law is greater and mighty than any individual or group of individuals.“

He ended his admonishment by again stating that the clock of 30 seating days is clicking. To date, he said they have had 12 seatings and 7 sessional committees and counting.

“Political parties have to adjust in ways necessary to bring them in line with the National Constitution so it is equally pertinent to address the decisions taken by political parties to see if they are squared with the National Constitution. He ended by saying to Honorable members that a word for the wise is sufficient and that he awaits to welcome them at the well of Parliament,” he lamented.