President of Fourah Bay College Students Union Government, Adama Sillah has updated the public on the recent fireoutbreak at Fourah Bay College.

President Sillah stated that the news of a fire outbreak at FBC has engulfed the media space.

She encourages everyone especially concerned parent and guardians to be calm as everything is under control

An official release from the Student Union government clarifies that

Fourah Bay College at around 10pm on Tuesday, the 26th day of April 2022, experienced a fire outbreak round the central area of its campus at Mount Aureol in Freetown.

Thankfully, there were no loss of lives and damage of physical infrastructures owing to the swift and robust actions by the National Fire Force Authority, the FBC’s Security personnel, and students residing at the campus hotels. However, the college lost part of its forest ecosystem to the fire incident.

The release further stated that the college’s administration has commenced an emergency investigation into the said incident inorder to clearly bring out a justifiable course for the perturbing fire outbreak.