The office of the Ambassador of Entertainment And Investment has in a Social Media post today 16 June 2022  calls for unity in the entertainment industry and proposed a national registration process for all Entertainers.

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The huge lesson to be learned through all of this is that the entertainment industry needs Unity and should be speaking with one voice.

A national registration process of all entertainers will commence soon, this means artists and all those who are registered and accounted for can be protected from things such as police brutality and be well represented as they need be.

We are saddened by the rumors circulating through social media with regards to the arrest of a few of our own in the industry.

Spoke briefly with Star Zee as she confirms her arrest yesterday.

We are looking forward to the authorities updating the general public with more credible information on the outstanding issue.

I and my team are constantly working behind the scenes to help find ways to how things can be rectified.