Sierra Leone’s Main Opposition All Peoples Congress Councillor at ward 434 of constituency 127, Augustine Laima Bangura, has  been accused of monopolizing the party at that area and theatened the life of a member who refused to step down from the Youth Leader position for his Limba Brother, identified as Amos.

According to the aspiring Youth Leader, Sahr Philip Mani of constituency 127, he declared for the position of Youth leader for Constituency 127 which at first the Councillor endorsed to support him with other stakeholders giving him their blessings to go ahead and start interacting with community people and party Members.

But few weeks later, he said the Councilor informed him to step down from the Youth Leader position for one of his Limba brother by the name of Amos and go in for the deputy secretary General position.

Sahr Mani added that during the conversation with the Councilor, he refused and informed him that he will continue with his ambition vouch for the said position and no one will stop him.

For that reason, according to him, the Councilor together with some members of his team called team ‘Demdad’ declared war against him.

He furthered that on May 19 2022 at 1700hr in  Dwarzark , one of the councilor’s team member by the name of Ibrahim attacked him in front of other people using all kinds of threatening remarks against him and promised to harm him if he does not step down from the Youth Leader Position.

After that attack, according to him, he informed the former constituency chairman of 127 and few party members about the incident but  nothing have been done so far.

“The Councilor has monopolized the party in that constituency as his own personal party, because I refused to step down for Amos he removed me from the WhatsApp group of the party in constituency 127 and some of his boys are sending all kinds of threatening remarks to me on Whatsapp. one of them is James at Sammie town” said Sahr Mani.

“the Councillor is working with Mr. Frank Kargbo commonly called Teacher Kargbo, am not safe because the Councilor is a tyrant and he is brutal in doing things . and also the election coming up will not be transparent as far as Councilor Augustine Laima Bangura and Teacher Kargbo are involved in it,  as they have already selected people in those positions and they have informed others to go and select those people.” He added.

With that, he is calling upon the Interim committee chairman to look in to this matter and all members of the party should be informed that  the APC party does not belong to one tribe but all the tribes and that they should allow other tribes to come on board and involve in the process.

This medium reached out to the Councilor, Augustine Laima Bangura, for what he has to say about these allegations, he told Sierraloaded that he has nothing to say and that he is not interested;

“I have nothing say. Do I stop him not to contest? Contact me for development things am doing, not petty things. You people have many things to unearth that’s going on now. Politics is not social club activities. If you are  not up to the text you need to be guided by someone else. He have been working with me but, his problem is over ambitious. And if he intend doing something, you guide him he will always feel offended. His attitude has created more enemies for me rather creating more friends.”