On Sunday 22nd August, 2021 armed robbers stormed Somalia town and Leicester Road and attacked residents with dangerous weapons and took away their valuable properties.

Watch reports that the aftermath of the attack leaves three residents in critical condition and the armed robbers took away their valuable properties worth millions of Leones. Ibrahim Bangura, Lamin Kamara and Sallay Dumbuya were severally tortured by the armed robbers.

Ibrahim Bangura, a carpenter narrated that around 3 am in the morning, he was asleep when the armed entered his house and attacked him. He disclosed that the armed robbers were ten in numbers and they were in possession of dangerous weapons such as knives, cutlass and handcuffs. He went on to say that the armed robbers disconnected the electricity bulb to prevent him from seeing their faces. He said that the armed robber threatened him to kill him if he shouts, adding that he was handcuffed whiles the armed robbers took away his mobile phone, DVD, two million Leones and other valuable properties.

Lamin Kamara also disclosed that he was asleep when the armed robbers attacked his house. He said that there was no electricity and he heard strange sound at his parlour and he decided to check. He said that unfortunately for him, when he gets to the parlour, two armed robbers attacked him and retaliated but he was overpowered later by another two armed robbers who later joined the fight.

He said that he was stabbed and he dropped to the floor and he was lying on the floor whiles the armed robbers took away his valuable properties. After the armed robber left, he said he shouted for help and he was taken to a nurse who provides him with first aid treatment. Lamin Kamara concluded by calling on members of the Sierra Leone Police to establish Police Post in their communities to prevent further causalities.

Sallay Dumbuya who identified herself as a trader, told this medium that armed robbers took away her mobile phone, money and was tortured by armed robbers at night.

She also called on members of the Sierra Leone Police to stopped the rampant attack by armed robbers at night.