August 10th Insurrection: Police Set Free 133 Detainees

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Richard P.G Robert yesterday 25th August 2022, disclosed to journalists at the police press conference, George street in Freetown that the Sierra Leone Police have released 133 out of 501 August 10th Protesters unconditionally.

He stated that the protesters released are both males and females. According to the Criminal and Investigations Department (CID) boss, they made the release based on evidence but further pointed out that some suspects are currently in hiding. Mr. Robert stated that the Police still have 368 suspects that remain in dentition while the investigation is still ongoing.

Mr. Robert added that they have also handed over twenty-Four Juveniles who are been cared for by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs and had been transferred to the Don Bosco Famble center where they are safe.

He noted that the police have evidence of video of them beating dead bodies in the early aftermath of the 10th August protest. He said that those released were not linked by any form of evidence during the investigations.

He reveals that those in custody are been visited by their relatives who bring them food and clothing.

The CID boss discloses that Human Right Activists and Lawyers are coming to talk to visit the suspects which are contrary to reports that the Police are not allowing lawyers, relatives, or Human rights to visit suspects in custody. This he says is not true.

He ended up assuring that more will be released if there is no case against them. Hundreds took to the streets in frustration at economic hardship and a perceived failure by gov government to cushion the impact of the rising prices.

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After the protests in Sierra Leone on 10th August 2022, normalcy returned to the country as everybody is going about their normal business. The protests left 21 civilians and police personnel dead.


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