Some Youths in the Bo District who claimed to be neutralists in any Political Party have condemned the August 10th Violent Protest and have vowed to expose any of the perpetrators that might be in Bo hiding to escape the full force of the law.

They made this vow after President Bio addressed the nation about taking action against perpetrators and financiers of the violent Protest in Freetown and another part of the country

Speaking to A-z Newspaper along Bojon Street in Bo, Julian Dixson said that as a female youth in Bo, they are not supporting the violent activities of their collegues who cause mayhem in Freetown, which has been described by President Bio as an attempt to overthrow his democratically elected government.

She adds that the action of the youths in Freetown and other parts of the country is uncalled for and therefore they will not sit by to see perpetrators escaping the full force of the law, adding ” We have seen on the social media in Bo a guy confessing to being the one who killed a police officer in Makeni and such people should be exposed to face the full force of the law”

Thoronka Mansaray, Another youth along Fenton Road said “there” should be massive engagement of the youths in order not to be used by Politicians for their selfish interest and that the youth are gullible due to the unemployment stat but that should not push them into violence as they also have a role to play to engage constructively to change their dire status.”

Mansaray adds that the President’s action to deal with Perpetrators is in place and they will help to expose those who want to escape justice and they are waiting for Bio’s government to release the list of the wanted people to face the law

” If we Know them or they come to Bo we will expose them “Mansaray stated