Augustine Sorie-Sengbeh Marrah has cautioned the Sierra Leone Bar Association for neglecting its responsibilities in standing up for justice and rule of law in the country.

Augustine Sorie-Sengbeh Marrah writes:

“Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against giving or receiving awards. Folks deserve to be applauded for their good work and encouraged to do much more. But the Bar Association’s latest notice of awards appears to me to be nothing but hopping on the bandwagon of award-giving entities in Sierra Leone.

The award industry is booming and it seems the Bar Association wants to cash in on it too. But before the Bar Association dishes out awards, since they have so much time on their hands—let them also consider the following:

1. Demand an end to the over two years illegal suspension of Pamela Davies from work at the Sierra Leone Law School.
2. Demand the hearing and determination of the actions filed in the Supreme Court against the Commission of Enquiry procedures; the COVID-19 State of Emergency and election petitions.
3. Demand the right to bail of the Kabala-boys who were detained for over 30 days before charged to court.
4. Demand a right approach to the issue of bail for Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray.
5. Demand the reversal of the illegal decision of the IG to put on hold executions of court orders and writs of possessions.

And to do all of these as swiftly as they responded to the unfortunate fuel tanker explosion of last week by mobilising humanitarian efforts. To my mind, these would be the best gifts given to the people of Sierra Leone (more like Christmas presents).

Engaging in the spree of awards when these issues continue to linger would only reinforce the association in the vision of the pubic as a group that has lost its steam. The priority of the association should always be JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. It can give awards while pursuing those ideals, but it must not occupy itself with the former while feigning blindness to the latter.”