The Bank of Sierra Leone has on the 2nd of October 2023 released the official foreign exchange rate in the country.

The rates include the cost of buying and selling major foreign currencies including U.S. dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, and Canadian Dollar, amongst others.

The Central Bank’s disclosed rates are as follows:

  • Pounds Sterling: Buy at Le 27.1073, Sell at Le 27.3888
  • U.S. Dollars: Buy at Le 22.2410, Sell at Le 22.4646
  • Swiss Franc: Buy at Le 24.3908, Sell at Le 24.6325
  • Euro: Buy at Le 23.5143, Sell at Le 23.7482

The exchange rate for other currencies is available here. 

Meanwhile, in the unofficial market, the US dollar settled at Le25 on Monday, October 2, 2023. This is according to parallel market operators in Central Freetown and Lungi.

As per Hanke’s currency watchlist, the Leone is currently the fifth most depreciated currency globally.