The Commissioner for the Anti-Corruption Commission, Francis Ben Kaifala has showcased pictures of a 90% completed building that will soon be commissioned as the new ACC office.

He posted this new building on Social Media with the caption below :

“When President Bio was elected President in 2018 and appointed me to lead the fight against Corruption in my very early 30’s, we had a pact – to make Corruption unfashionable and to firmly set Sierra Leone on a solid footing for everlasting greatness. 4 years down, every index confirms exponential progress with Corruption prevalence drastically reduced from 70% to 40% (Afrobarometer).


But we met the ACC in a rented church-owned structure (Cathedral House) not suited for a security and intelligence-based work of that magnitude. ACC needed permanent home of its own to efectively continue the unprecedented trajectory of one of Africa’s greatest successe stories of reversing the svourge of corruption. I asked the President to support to build and complete the “Integrity House” as a permanent home for the gallant crusaders against corruption and serve as the symbol of our resolve – a “house built on top of the Hill”.

Here we are now; that house has been 9t% completed at Tower Hill and will soon be Commissioned as a permanent legacy! A completely ultra modern Office with 4 floors, over 50 large office spaces and facilities, age and disability friendly access, a lift system, in-built ventilation systems, beautiful ramps and finishing, etc.