Popular Politician and Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP) leader and chairman have called on Sierra Leoneans NOT to demonstrate on Monday 8 August 2022 but to join the “Taskforce for price stability in the country”.

Beresford Victor Williams, a popular political and the chairman and leader of the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), has called on all Sierra Leoneans not to participate in any rumour organised demonstration on 8 August 2022. As we are all facing rising costs of living and daily foodstuffs including energy in the world, these problems are not unique to just Sierra Leone.

Mr Beresford Williams is calling on all Sierra Leoneans who are concerned about the rising costs of living to join the “Taskforce for Price Stability In Sierra Leone” which included major food importers, energy importers/ suppliers and other stakeholders to address various methods to elevate the suffering in the country.

Beresford Williams is advising all Sierra Leoneans not to participate in the rumour demonstration on 8 August 2022 as it will not result in any beneficial gains instead it will create resource wastage and more pressure on the poor that will not be able to make their living for the day, to feed their families.

The main objective is to create a more stable price control mechanism and if possible, long-term subsidies to aid the poor.

The ReNIP chairman has been calling for price control since 2020 when their economic development policy team in ReNIP identified the fast inflation rate and no increase in the national wages across the country.

During this difficult time, when the youth are facing higher unemployment rates, unsuitable housing accommodations and other amenities, we should be looking to develop long-term strategies rather than to create destructions and carnages that will divert resources from important issues.

We all need to be a better citizens and we all should take responsibility for our actions. We all love to see the development in the country, but there are ways we need to go about doing it and one way is by becoming a stakeholder in “Taskforce for Price Stability In Sierra Leone”.

We claimed to have been more responsible but some of our actions are still of the barbarians or stone ages. We believed that we are in a new age. We need to come up with more realistic goals and solutions, and if the authorities do not compromise, we have legitimate grounds to demonstrate.

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, always remember to apply native sense as some of the people who are encouraging you cannot communicate effectively after all these years in the western countries or are able to deliver a solution but just destruction for the future of our youth. These are the people that allow poverty to build headquarters in your home.

All stakeholders and importers or interested citizens in Sierra Leone or abroad can register their interest in the upcoming summit “Taskforce for Price Stability In Sierra Leone” using our online form via the link www.shorturl.at/cEFJZ

Please make your voice heard and help to change our beloved country, Sierra Leone.