ACP Brima Sandi, the Head of Sierra Leone Police Media Team and a representative from the Office of the National Security (ONS) have given details into a shooting incident on Thursday which claimed the life of local musician Foday Alieu, alias “Big Fish”.

Narrating the incident, ACP Sandi said they have a police officer who is stationed at the United Bank of Africa (UBA) as a guard. The Police officer (female) was on duty when the said Big fish entered the bank premises and grabbed the gun from the police and immediately opened fire at an open space (5shots) after he started shooting randomly, adding that, to ensure safety of the people around as everyone was in panic and running for their lives, he was confronted by a military officer from a distance.

According to ACP Sandi, Big fish fired shot at the military officer but with the aid of the bullet proof he survived the shot and has no other alternative at the point but to fire back at him which led to his subsequent death.

“As I speak, they have pronounced him dead and currently in the mortuary. But the environment is safe, and people are on their normal business as it stands.” He noted.

In terms of other causalities, he said only one was reported and the lady involved has been rushed to the hospital and currently responding to treatment. He said, the will further do a reassessment to ascertain the situation of the military officer and the public might be informed later on that.

He said, the police are on geared to ascertain the protection of every Sierra Leonean and called on all to keep the peace and avoid violence activities.

Abdul Karim Will from the ONS said, they have got several complains about Big Fish years back using a machete to threaten the lives of citizens and some other unforeseen issues.

He asked everyone to go on their normal business. He thanked the police and the military for the prompt response and strongly called on all citizens that taking gun from the forces is totally unacceptable and they will not support such occurrence at any point.

Watch raw footage of the incident below: