As it is four more days to the big sister salone season three show, big sister again unveils another pretty young lady as the ninth roommate for this year’s bestyz season. Three more women before the show kick start, as it is going to be a house of twelve amazing ladies.

This pretty young lady is called Elsie kamara of TeamBetterWoman. She is a better woman. She knows her worth and doesn’t let anyone put her down.

Elsie is a 23 years old woman of many talents, some of which are: incredible fashion designing, content creating, Business management and modeling. She is currently a model, social media influencer, stylist, and an entrepreneur.

she loves to meditate through yoga exercises as well as reading books and romantic novels. Her favorite activities are outdoors activities such as hiking, camping etc.

her bestie according to her, is really an angel in human form. Her name is Hassanatu Kathy Kamara aka Kathy beauty. She is a very talented makeup artist and an entrepreneur. Kathy is kind, sweet, loving, and beautiful inside and out. According to Elsie, one word to describe her bestie is LIGHT. She can simply just light up every room she walks in.

Elsie and her Bestie have very similar interests. According to her, Kathy is a reflection of her. And it has been an honor to have Hassanat Kathy kamara as her bestie.