The CEO of Popular Musical Record Label KME, Lawyer Abubakarr Turay, popularly known as ”The Kabaka” has in a lengthy Video on social media reacts to the current happenings in Sierra Leone.

Popular Entertainer and Lawyer of the high court of Sierra Leone Abubakarr Turay commonly known as ”The Kabaka, has in a video on social media hit at many issues of present happenings, especially the Boss LA’s saga

Kabaka” in this video assures that he owned up to responsible for everything he is saying, adding that apart from being an entertainer he is also a Barrister and Solicitor of the high court of Sierra Leone who was called to the Bar same 14 years ago.

The KME CEO furthered that the most powerful people in Sierra Leone are the citizens and the police should be aware of that. Adding that, most subordinates in different institutions in Sierra Leone are the ones destroying the image of these institutions.

“It is the responsibility of the police to arrest, interrogate and detain anyone found wanting of crime, but such responsibilities should be carried out professionally,” he said

Kabaka stressed that as a country our greatest problem is that we have lost our identity and don’t know who we are anymore.

“Every citizen when arrested is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” he said

Adding that, no one is to be convicted in a police station but in a court of law.