Protesting against the current economic hardship, and fuel increase, a Good Governance activist, Augustine Sorie Sengeh Marah has called on Sierra Leoneans to observe a ‘GREEN MONDAY’ across the country.

Awoko reports that this he said should be observed on Monday 21st March 2022 by wearing green dress even if it’s a hat to symbolize the day.

According to him, he decided to call on this day as result of the unfortunate, unprecedented, and unending increase I fuel price of about 50 percent within a period of three weeks from Le10,000 to Le12,000 and now Le15,000.

“As a governance activist I am more concerned about this unending fuel increase. Firstly, I feel that economic times are tough for the average Sierra Leonean, and I think it’s grossly unfair that this price continue to soar without any limit put to them by Government functionaries,” he said.

On the claims that the price is being increased as a result of the global price increase, Marah said, he thinks it’s an overused argument that has existed for a long as man can recall, explaining it was used by the previous governments and the current to cover their “messes” when they have failed to govern well.

“Leadership will tell you that you put measures in place that once you have these global shocks they can be absorbed domestically,” he maintained, adding that there should have been a system whereby even if prices were to shift to alter is=n the global market it can be absorbed for a couple of months, “but no sooner the prices change externally the very next minute we get the shocks her and that does not show any form of leadership.”

According to him, “No sooner the global change in prices we suffer the brunt her in Sierra Leone and this is unfair to us as a poor country we need leadership to stop up to ensure that they protect us from the same global shocks,” he said, stating it’s unfortunate in less than three weeks fuel price has been increased by 50 percent.

Lawyer Marah recalled 2016 and 2017 when the fuel price was increase to Le6,000 he was part of the leadership of the Renaissance Movement that called for black Monday because they are aware of the fact that no sooner you increase prices on fuel, there will be a knock-on effect on other commodities for including staple food, transportation among others.

He said Sierra Leoneans are very poor, once these prices are increased

He said Sierra Leoneans are very poor, once these prices are increased there is not a corresponding increase in the earnings or salaries, which is unfair, explaining he was very clear in terms of this increase that’s why he is not calling for a ‘black Monday but he is calling for Green Monday’.

“I am calling on all Sierra Leoneans to wear their green whether it’s a pant, T-Shirt, hat or tie just put on green colour to symbolize frustration and protest against the latest increase on the price of fuel and commodities,” he prayed.

Marah said he is calling for a Green Monday because the green color symbolizes the current government, and it will look satirical. They second reason is that the people had been forced to go green, maintaining that at the moment people are trekking across the country which means they are forced to use their green energy.

“People who were used to electric fan, air conditioners are now leaving their windows open, people who used to store their foods in refrigerator are now resorting to other means, people who used to press their dress with electric iron have returned to old ways of doing things. So that means we are all being forced to go green,” he said.

He expressed disappointment with the performance of the current regime saying he was one of those who were gutted and disappointed at the last regime and were yawing for change and that they looked forward to change but in four years now with the current government, they are still looking at the horizon for that change which is yet to be seen even a shadow of such change.

On the issue of police arresting people wearing green on that day, Marah maintained that, he is not calling on people to gather in any location or to process but to simply come out with their green and move on with their normal business.