According to news reaching out desk, the Commissioner of South, Edmond Alpha has departed to shores of Sierra Leone to Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose of his visit is to represent the ECSL Chairman Mohamed K Konneh at the 5th General Assembly of Association of world Electoral Management Bodies (AWEB).

The aforementioned meeting is scheduled from 17th to 21st October, 2022. This General Assembly is made up of all accredited EMBs in the world.

The General Assembly body makes a total number of about 118 countries participanting  and Sierra Leone is the 70th member of the body.

The Association of World Election Bodies, commonly referred to as ‘A-WEB’, was established on October 14, 2013 in Song-do, South Korea. A-WEB is the first global organization of election management bodies, and the membership currently consists of 118 EMBs as members and 20 Regional associations as associate members.

Under the slogan of ‘Democracy to Grow for All Worldwide,’ the A-WEB Secretariat provides training programs for election officials of member nations and undertakes country programs at the request of member organization, providing support during the election cycle to boost election management capacity.

A-WEB organizes the Election Management Capacity Building Program for election officials to strengthen the election management capacity and manage their elections more effectively and professionally in the future. More specifically, the Election Management Capacity Building Program aims:

1. to support the participants to study various electoral systems, discuss issues and challenges each EMB is facing and come up with solutions to the shared problems;

2. to provide an opportunity to exchange good practices and learn an international standard of election management;

3. to establish a network of election officials around the world and encourage them to share their experiences and expertise.