Prominent Folk Singer Fantacce Wiz has Outlined Various Incidents of Police Brutality in Sierra Leone .

In her recent post, the female singer stated on her Facebook page that for the first time in a long time she is scared and don’t feel safe because home doesn’t feel like anymore.

The female Singer narrated that in

” In 2016 Isatu waved good bye to her 16 years old son as he left for school like he always do
On that same day Mariama adjust his 17yrs old son’s uniform kiss and tell him I’ll see you after school
Isatu’s son wanted to be a lawyer when he grows up

Mariama’s son wanted to play professional football like Mohamed Kallon
He said to his mother I’ll be the next LAJ
Mariama said you can be anything you want to be in life just focus on your education

On that same day Isatu got a phone call
Upon arrival Isatu sees her lifeless son
Lying in an omolanke
When Mariama heard the news of her son being shot on his back she went into coma
His 17yrs old son lying on the ground like a log of wood

When the youths of a small hilly town
Heard about their proposed youth village
They lost all hopes of empowerment
They decided to do a peaceful March
Not knowing it’s going to get bloody
And some of them won’t make it home that day……

violation of international standards which state that firearms must never be used to disperse a crowd and should only be used when there is a real and imminent threat to life
Brima said I was running to head home when he was shot on his back
Sitting on his wheelchair….
He said I used to do construction work but now I’m a vegetable
Why the shooting of live Bullet on peaceful protesters?

Abdulai was shot during a student protest in the south
He lives with a bullet in his heart and needs medical treatment abroad During a workers peace March in 2007
Two people were shot & killed

In July 2020 Hundreds gathered on a rainy day to do a peaceful protest in the north for the fear of their electricity being taken from them
Four people were shot and killed including a 15yrs old kid who hasn’t finished high school

After four years of studying and hard-work in Uni Binta’s name was missing in the graduation list
Binta wanted to know why he did make the list
She was brutalized stripped off her clothes
Just because they can
Just because……..

I used to know a boy
He’s a sweet boy
A Very humble boy
A higher IQ boy
His family failed this boy
Society failed this boy
April 2021 I was told
Victor that’s not even 20yrs old
Was among those inmates killed at the Pademba prison in 2020

Trigger fingers
Happy fingers
Order from the above fingers
U know udat Na me fingers
R go jump on top you body fingers
Alpha got shot and killed over his phone on his own property …..

Pademba road shooting
I’m still trying to wrap my head about it
Because Victor is just one kid who got up in the system
Victor got shoot and killed in the system
Nobody knows nor even his family
6 months later someone met me said
Fantacee Victor don die oooooooo.”

She concluded that by stating that”I’m them, they are me, they’re us”…..